About Transport ESDK


I am Danish and I in 2001 partially retired from my self-employment as an architect and entrepreneur in Denmark and Spain.

I have recently gained experience in the transport industry as I helped out a Danish carrier who drives for private individuals and businesses in Spain and Denmark, but also transport to and from other destinations in countries on the route.

I did retire, but when I discovered how poorly the aforementioned carrier ran his business, I saw an opportunity, through my former companies, to make this very easy, both for the customer and the carrier.  In addition, I have a desire for an eco friendly transport method, based on almost free sun and wind.

Carrying goods from A to B is not rocket science … 😉

My previous construction of houses was far more complicated.

Of course, the company has a director:

Dorthe Christensen
+45 2215 93 00


€129 per m3, which is about 20% cheaper than the lowest competitor prices

Eco Friendly Visions and Goals

In the future, Internet-based video-controlled container depots will be set up with a mutual distance of approximately 200 kilometers, in strategic places, along the routes in Spain and Denmark.  These depots will no later than 2020 be a base for changing and charging batteries where the electricity is made using our own solar cells and small wind turbines.

This is definitely the company’s goal.

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