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Lasse Skjøde Knudsen:
”I highly recommend Ole… We had agreed to delivery at 17:00 and Ole did not arrive at 16:59 or 17:01 but 17:00 sharp. Not only that, but Ole also helped carry 8 heavy boxes long to my doorstep … From the Facebook group: “Danes who have moved to Spain or are thinking about it.”

Simon Goltermann:
“I hired Ole to move 10 boxes from Denmark to Spain in October 2016. It worked perfectly, he picked our stuff up at the agreed time in Denmark and delivered it right to the door in Spain … and at a great price. Offers were obtained from different transport companies and Transport ESDK gave me an offer that was 1/3 of the competitors.”

“We had to move a van full of furniture to Spain and contacted Ole Steen from esdk-transport. Ole complied with all the agreements and loaded very fast at the address in Spain. No damage to the goods, so we highly recommend esdk-transport.”

“Good service and things right to the door on time – just like that!“
Henrik Johnsen:
“Yet another super delivery. I have now used Transport ESDK two times and am now arranging the third transport. Only roses and no thorns at all – highly recommended.”

Anne Ravnsborg:
“TOP QUALITY AT TOP PRICE! I needed to have garden furniture shipped to Spain, on short notice. It was not a problem. Ole provides top services, Ole keeps his promises and delivers the items. You can safely leave your belongings to Ole – and you will not find a lower price for these services. Can only recommend Ole Steen.”

”Answers immediately and keeps his promises. The day we were moving to Spain, our flight crew did not come, and since we had already had a very bad experience with a shipping company in Zealand in 2013, our nerves were already on edge. I had spoken briefly with Ole before calling him, and it turned out he was going to Spain two days later. Ole kept what he promised and everything went smoothly and I can only recommend him.”

Henrik Johnsen:
“Great service. The transport from Denmark to Malaga exceeded all expectations. In addition, super service in connection with pickup and delivery. Thank you to a super dedicated company.”

Laura Anderson:
“Super service! Service minded, helpful, inexpensive, careful, precise, sweet and nice … That describes our experience of Ole very well 😊. Door to door at no additional cost even if we live in the countryside… You cannot get that service elsewhere. (Silkeborg Transport demanded DKK 2500 if they had to pick 3 m3 on the the south of Funen and this was in addition to the fee for the transport to Spain) Everything came in handy on time. We therefore recommend Ole wholeheartedly. We will surely use him again😃”

Lasse Skjøde Knudsen:
“Fantastic service! Scary, so precisely my things “landed” at the address in Benalmadena … At 17 o’clock and he even carried my heavy boxes all the way to the door. Cozy, nice and helpful fellow that Ole and he / his company, get the very best recommendations on the way.”

“Super service! We have used Ole from two times now you can only say that he meets our expectations. Our goods were picked up at the door in Denmark and brought to the door in Spain and at very good prices. Can only recommend”

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