Booking and Prices

Please fill in this form if you need transport.  All values marked by * must be entered.   Remember postal code and the name of the city for pickup and delivery.

We are 20 percent cheaper than the cheapest competitor.

The cubic meter price is €166* including Tax., cargo insurance, and door to door freight.

* Prices are based on the condition that the maximum weight of a cubic meter is one hundred kilograms.

Therefore, say, 150 kilograms will be priced as two cubic meters.

The price for the following cubic meters is rounded up to the nearest whole number of cubic meters.

(m3 equals one cubic meter, which is Length x Width x Height = 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter = 1 m3.)

The price includes the closest physical pickup location and delivery door to door.

The price may/will be subject to extra fees when transporting from/to areas not connected to mainland.

This extra fee is currently €76 for the truck itself when crossing the Great Belt one way.

The extra fee will be distributed proportionally by m3 among the customers in the affected region.

You will be notified before pickup, if there is not sufficient cargo to your region (min. 10 m3).

The company primarily handles transport, and loading/unloading from the truck’s lorry.

We can also handle certain moving tasks, but only when paid per the hour for packing and carrying of moving boxes.

If the goods need to be carried into or out of the residence, an extra fee of €20 per hour is charged.

We do not receive goods on pallets as we do not have a lift on the truck or trailer, as both are loaded and secured by hand.

You will be notified a day before loading or unloading via email, SMS, or call, and again no later than 1 hour before arrival on the pickup or delivery point, also by SMS or call.

In addition, you have the option to follow your goods in our tracking system, which you can access on our website with your personal access code and see where the transport is.

When picking up your goods, the amount that you received in the mail order confirmation is paid.

Our confirmation of this starts the shipment.

You MUST pay the amount corresponding to the number of cubic meters you have entered on the Booking Form.

Therefore, it is important that you check your amount of goods an extra time.

If there is more than stated, the remaining goods will be transported on a later trip, for the sake of other customers who have booked for the same trip.

You can ONLY cancel your order for up to 48 hours after you receive our confirmation.

For orders from 15 m3 to 40 m3, a deposit of 30 percent MUST be prepaid within 48 hours from when we send our reply to your order.

You can also choose to pay on delivery in which case a fee of 5 percent is added to the price.

Do you choose to pay in DKK an exchange fee of DKK 100.00 (€13.00) will be charged.

The driver will check the declared amount of goods is correct.

In addition to cash, payment will soon also be payable using credit card or mobile transfer.

Bank transfer is possible, see under Payment.

If your destination is more than 50 km from our normal route (A or B) it costs €0.50 per km forth and back.


Route A:
Malaga, Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, Bremen, Hamburg, Denmark

Route B:
Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Lyon, Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, Denmark

We pick up cargo 0 to 1 days before departure from Spain.  If this is not possible, we can pick up or deliver at other times for payment of €0,50 per km forth and back. Calculated from Competa approx. 45 kilometers East of Malaga.

We reserve the right to move the departure times plus / minus 3-4 days for the benefit of customers with large quantities of goods. This will be visible on the website during departure times.

Therefore, keep an eye on possible changes to departure times.

Goods from Denmark must be ready to be picked up immediately when we begin the return trip to Spain.  If it is to be delivered later than upon our arrival in Spain, this can also be done for an extra fee of €0,50 per kilometer from Competa forth and back.


The cargo insurance requires that the goods are packaged securely and safely.  This is the responsibility of the owner of the goods.

Cardboard boxes must be of GOOD quality (7 mm cardboard) and tolerate that up to five cardboard boxes are stacked on top of each other without any deformation.

The company’s responsibility lies in proper stowage and securing on the road train.

Of course, some items cannot be packaged.  Please send a photo of such items and we’ll find a reasonable solution.

TV, loudspeakers, pictures, lamps and furniture with veneer or paint MUST ALWAYS be packed securely in bubble plastic, and there must be an address or other form of marking on the individual parts of the cargo.

When goods are damaged, they have unfortunately always been inadequately packaged and we wish that you receive your goods as you delivered them to us.

We have blankets on board, but only for extra protection.


The amount you have been offered by mail is payable when your goods are being picked up.

Your confirmation of this begins the transport task.

If you have chosen to pay on delivery, you will be charged 5 percent extra.

The driver checks whether there is compliance with the declared amount of goods.

You also have the option to transfer to our bank account.

Sparekassen Vendsyssel:
Reg. No. 9070
Item No. 1620 1118 87

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