The following conditions apply to every transport and relocation that we undertake:


In this section you'll find a few practical definitions that make the text below easier to understand.

Kubic Meter

A kubic meter is also written as m3 and specifies a three-dimensional meter with height, width, and depth: H x W x D.

The easiest way of measuring how many kubic metres a load of goods has is by stacking the items in a corner of a room so that the items take up the least amount of space and then measure the height, the width, and the depth in meters, and then multiply these three numbers with each other. Finally, you round up the found number to the closest meter. A bicycle usually takes up 0.5 m3 and a motor bike usually takes up 3 m3.


The company mainly transports goods without reloading and with loading unto and unloading from the back of the truck.

As the driver is alone, there must be help present both for pickup and for delivery.

An extra fee of €33.00 per hour applies if the cargo needs to be carried in or out of a residence.

We do not accept cargo crates as we do not have a lift on the truck or on the trailer.

We only undertake a given trip if there are bookings for at least 30 cubic metres in total from Denmark to Spain and back again, so keep an eye on the calendar to see if a given trip is made or not. In that case, the status of the trip in question will be either "Driving" or "Full", where the latter indicates that the trip is fully booked (and thus also will be made).

We recommend pickup from and delivery to private addresses as we often experience difficulties with pickups from and deliveries to business addresses, as these are normally only open for a limited time each day, which can be difficult to match if a delay occurs along the way.

Cars and Trailers

We do not currently have the ability to transport cars, caravans, and trailers for boats.

Motor bikes

The following rules apply when transporting motor bikes:

  1. The gas tank of the motor bike must be empty.
  2. The gas tank of the motor bike must have been open for at least 24 hours.
  3. We need copies of the ownership certificate of the motor bike and of the owner's passport.

We have a ramp for loading and unloading of motor bikes.


We drive a single route: Denmark, Hamburg, Bremen, Nederlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lyon, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, and Malaga.

We are flexible, though, so that we pickup and deliver outside of our route.

If your destination is more than 50 kilometers from the route above, pickup and/or delivery will cost an extra fee of €0.8 per kilometer both ways. You can always get an offer for your particular location.

Transport to Islands

Transports to islands is subject to an extra fee, which will be divided proportionally between the clients who has a transport to or from the island in question.

Pickup and Delivery

We leave from Denmark on the 6th and 23rd of every month and we leave from Spain on the 10th and 28th, and we are back in Denmark three to four days later.

Vi pick up cargo the same day as we leave from Denmark and from Spain. If you need us to pick up or deliver on another time, we can do so for an extra fee. When we drive from Spain, we always drive from the city of Competa, which is located approximately 45 kilometres east of Malaga.

Cargo from Spain must be ready when we arrive in Spain and prepare to return to Denmark. If such cargo is to be delivered later than on our return to Denmark, this can be done for an extra fee.

Order Confirmation

Please check your spam folder if you do not appear to get a confirmation from us within a few days as our emails, unfortunately, often end up in the Spam folder.


The cargo insurance company demands that the cargo is packaged safely and thus is well protected. The owner of the cargo is responsible for this.

Moving boxes must be of good quality (7 milimeter cardboard) and must be strong enough to be packed four levels high without any deformation. We no longer accept thin plastic boxes.

The actual packing and mounting inside the truck is the responsibility of the company.

Some goods cannot be sensibly packaged. Please send us a photo of the item and we will offer you a good solution on how to package the item.

Televisions, loudspeakers, picture frames, lamps, and furniture in plywood must be wrapped safely in bubble plastic.

All items must be marked with an address or another form of mark (such as a trip number according the calendar).

If an item takes damage, it is often due to improper packaging.

We always have extra blankets but only for additional protection, they are never sufficient on their own.


The price per cubic meter assumes a maximum weight per cubic meter of 100 kilograms. If a cubic meter of cargo weighs, say, 150 kilograms, it is counted as two cubic metres.

The price for transport includes pickup and delivery from door to door without reloading along the way.

The smallest amount that we accept in a booking is one cubic meter, which is evident from the fact that all measurements are rounded up to the nearest cubic meter.

The price of cargo is always rounded up to the nearest cubic meter so that 1.4 m3 are counted as 2.0 m3.


Payment can be made in one of these ways:

  1. Danish bank (Sparekassen Danmark, 9070-1628910266, IBAN: DK6690701628910266, BIC: VRAADK21).
  2. Cash in Euros (€) at pickup (in Denmark and outside Denmark).
  3. Danish MobilePay at pickup (the transfer information is provided at pickup) .

Cash payment in Denmark must be in either Danish Kroners (DKK) or in Euros (EUR). Cash payment outside of Denmark must be in Euros (EUR).

Payment in full must be made prior to delivery. If payment is not received before delivery, the goods will be stored at your expense until such a time that payment (for both transport and storage) is made in full.

You must pay the amount that you have booked room for so it is very important that you make the measurements twice and verify the result.


The driver checks that the actual and the booked amount of cargo.

If the cargo is greater than the booked size, the extra cargo will be booked for another trip so that other customers aren't affected negatively.


We reserve the right to move the departure time by three to four days for the sake of customers with large amounts of cargo. This will be visible in the calendar, which you should check regularly.


You will receive a timetable on the 1st or the 18th of the month, which will include the time for pickup and delivery of your goods. Please do not mark these emails as spam. If you feel you have received an email in error, please contact us so that we can make sure it does not happen again.

You will be notified by SMS or a call one day before pickup or delivery, changes to the schedule, and about an hour before the pickup or delivery.


You can only cancel the booking within one week (seven days) of the day that you receive the order confirmation (which is not the same as the copy of the booking that also get from us).


There is full hull insurance on the cargo van and trailer, which is insured for €30.000 (about DKK 225.000). The coverage is "Euro standard" of €10/€12 per kg (about DKK 80 per kg).

The insurance is made through Transportmæglerne in Danmark and Axa Versicherung AG in Tyskland and covers all of Europe.

The policy number is 2009001486-I-36-2772.

We recommend that you make an extra "all-risk" insurance, if the value of your goods are higher than €10 per kg. Usually, you can make such an extra insurance with your own insurance company.

If an accident happens and your goods are damaged, we share the self risk of €1.000 (about DKK 7.500).

Rest Time Regulations

We always follow the EU rest time regulations.

Acceptance of Conditions

Your submission of the booking form indicates that you accept these conditions (you must accept these conditions before you can submit the booking).


Any litigation that may occur as a result of a transport by us will be brought before a Danish court and be settled according to Danish national laws in a Danish jurisdiction.