All prices are including Danish VAT (sales tax).

The price for transport of goods is €239 per cubic meter. This includes pickup and delivery as close to the front door as feasible.

The price for carrying in and carrying out from a residence is €33 per mover per hour. This service is only available on the Sun Coast in Spain and on Sealand in Denmark.

Pickups and deliveries outside our route will be added a surcharge of €0.8 per kilometer, both ways. This is also the case for delayed transports.

The ticket across the Great Belt in Denmark costs €82 for the truck. This fee is shared proportionally between customers to/from Sealand.

Payment can be made using one of these methods:

  1. Danish bank (Sparekassen Danmark, 9070-1628910266, IBAN: DK6690701628910266, BIC: VRAADK21).
  2. Cash in Euros (€) at pickup (in Denmark and outside Denmark).
  3. Danish MobilePay at pickup (the transfer information is provided at pickup) .

Practical Information

The easiest way to measure the size of carge in cubic meters (m3) is to pack it into a corner so that it takes up the least possible space and then measure the height, width, and depth, in meters, and multiply these three numbers with each other and finally round up the result to the nearest higher cubic meter. A bike typically takes up 0.5 m3 and a motorbike usually takes up 3 m3.