Transport & Relocation

Car Transport

We do not have an auto trailer yet. But send an inquiry and we will try to resolve the transport. There is also the possibility of contacting either of the companies Bülow or Silkeborg Flytteforretning, which might be better at managing such a task as they transport more vehicles than we do.

Transport of motorcycle

A motorcycle can typically be kept within 2 m³. However, the petrol tank must be empty and the petrol lid have been open for at least 24 hours.

We have a ramp for loading and securing the motorcycle.


The cargo insurance requires that the goods are packaged securely and safely.  This is the responsibility of the owner of the goods.

Cardboard boxes must be of GOOD quality (7 mm cardboard) and tolerate that up to five cardboard boxes are stacked on top of each other without any deformation.

The company’s responsibility lies in proper stowage and securing on the road train.

Of course, some items cannot be packaged.  Please send a photo of such items and we’ll find a reasonable solution.

TV, loudspeakers, pictures, lamps and furniture with veneer or paint MUST ALWAYS be packed securely in bubble plastic, and there must be an address or other form of marking on the individual parts of the cargo.

When goods are damaged, they have unfortunately always been inadequately packaged and we wish that you receive your goods as you delivered them to us.

It will always be the driver’s decision if the packaging is OK. If this is not the case, there will always be some extra storage boxes and packing tape on the car, which is a service that should not be abused.


Consignment of animals (dog or cat) is under consideration. But until a final decision is made on this, it is an obvious topic for Transport ESDK’s Facebook page.

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